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AVERTISMENT!!! pt cei care vor sa se opereze in Turcia!

Aici poti impartasi experienta ta pre si post operatie transplant par-implant par

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AVERTISMENT!!! pt cei care vor sa se opereze in Turcia!

Mesajde gibi30 » 03 Noi 2015 12:46

!!!WARNING!!! If you are considering Dr. Hakan Doganay and AHD Clinic in Antalya please read this first!!!

Doresc sa fac un implant de par in viitorul apropiat si am inceput sa imi fac lectiile despre acest subiect. Ca multi altii m-am gandit sa aleg Turcia, doctorii de acolo fiind ceva mai ieftini, vazand si multe vedete apeland la ei. In cautarile mele am dat peste o postare dintr-un forum strain si doresc sa vi-l fac cunoscut in cazul in care cineva este deja programat pt interventie sau doreste sa faca interventia cu Dr. Hakan Doganay si Clinica AHD din Antalya.
Postarea este in engleza, destul de lunga, imposibil sa fac vreo traducere aici, insa pentru cei care nu stiu engleza folositi google translate. Merita sa citesti tot topicul(am avut nevoie de o ora jumate). Am aflat foarte multe informatii, gen, ce sa intrebi la o consultatie, la ce sa te astepti pe viitor de la zona donatoare, patternul de cadere a parului, nu oricine este un bun candidat pt transplantul de par, cum sa strangi dovezi in cazul unui rezultat mediocru, afli ca de fapt tehnicienii iti implanteaza parul si nu medicii, cum musamalizeaza doctorii esecul unui transplant, ...etc.
Cititi, sunt multe informatii care ajuta sa faci alegerea cea mai buna.
Nu as vrea sa fiu in pielea acestui user http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/181266-warning-if-considering-dr-hakan-doganay-read-first.html[/b]

Am sa redau doar cateva citate ...rog Administratorul sa nu stearga postarea, stiu ca e in limba engleza si incalca regulamentul dar este important pt membrii acestui forum sa fie informati. De asta exista forumul, sa fim informati/avertizati.

- I arrived to Dr Hakan Doganay with a receding hairline and he merely looked at my head and did not evaluate my hair loss and miniaturization at all. If he did, it would had become clear that I not only have a receding hairline but a full, advanced norwood 5A-6 balding pattern. If I was told that, I would never had went through with the procedure. I clearly articulated before the procedure that I do not want to take propecia due to sides. We talked about potential future hair loss given my family history, but I was not informed that I am already way down the road.
- In the IAHRS website it was written that Dr. Hakan Doganay extracts and implants the grafts himself, I only found out later that he uses techs with very little experience do all the extraction and a part of the implantation as well.
- They may have wasted a number of my grafts and to compensate either harvested more and/or implanted less grafts. I admit, this one claim I cannot prove. However the techs were dropping equipment and cursing during the operation and I have a picture with discarded grafts laying on top of my head. I have uploaded my post-op donor picture and a bunch of post op donor pictures from other clinics’ 2500 graft procedures and compared to them my donor area looks overharvested and thinned out in certain points. In my opinion they either transected a lot of grafts, harvested more or didn’t care about the pattern at all. When I mentioned the donor scarring they told me that after a FUE procedure one should wear its hair at least 1-1,5 cm long to cover it!! To my understanding the very reason of a FUE procedure is to be able to wear my hair 4-5mm long. Anyway, my hair is longer than 1,5 cm and the signs of the scarring is still visible. Anyone can check it and decide.
- Upon questioning they told me that they implanted 50 grafts/cm2 (check the pictures to see if that is true) and that they have harvested 2500 grafts (check the pictures if that is true) Upon questioning they told me I have an average donor with 45-50 grafts/cm2, which is a guess at best as they never measured it, and it is way out of the literature which states an average donor is between 65-85 grafts/cm2. If my donor density was in fact 50 grafts/cm2 that would had meant that it was low and I was not suitable for a FUE hair transplant.

- It has been 4 month since the operation and my recipient area never looked good for one minute since. It is red, bumpy with red spots and minimal growth. Moreover, a number of the grafts that were implanted by the tech are misaligned. I have been in contact with the clinic since and all they had to tell me was everything looks fine. To be factual at one point around month 2 after repeatedly asking about folliculitis they recommended me to take antibiotics for 5 days, and when 3 month post-op I was still in bad shape and I told them I am even willing to fly back to Antalya they offered me a prp treatment, an ozone treatment, and some cream and a shampoo for free but it did not improve my situation.

2 weeks ago I got so fed up, I have contacted a trusted hair restoration surgeon and a dermatologist. A bacterial culture was taken from my head which came back positive. I have been prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatory cream and for the first time in 4 months I am seeing improvements. My only wish now is to shave my head but I am left with a low, uneven hairline with thinning all over behind it and a badly scarred / overharvested donor.

However I have reason to believe that the problems I described will remain, as after digging rigorously (which I should have done before) I have found numerous other ex-patents with similar problems and recurring themes, namely:
- poor growth
- bad donor scarring
- misaligned grafts and poor growth on the side where the tech implanted the grafts.

Xkos48: poor growth from procedure

BFA316 : poor growth from procedure

Mickeydw: badly looking right side (implanted by tech), transplanted hair fell out later

Jugendlich: poor growth, badly looking right side (implanted by tech)

BluEMoOn: poor growth, patent later disappeared

TOharbourfront: poor growth on left side (implanted by tech)

johnny2000: poor growth, bad donor scarring, misaligned grafts implanted by the tech


gimmefiction: satisfied overall, but the left side looks weaker (implanted by tech)

srdonjuan : weak growth, weak right side (implanted by tech)

William1: poor growths, grafts possibly wasted?

levi12: poor growth

Buzz2: poor growth, very bad donor scarring

boricotico: bad donor scar

tonious: very bad looking result

I think they have violated the ethical guidelines of the IAHRS at least in 3 points:

IV. The select member will not provide treatments that are deemed pointless or harmful by the IAHRS, or ones that an informed and competent patient refuses.

V. The select member will ensure patients receive the information and support they need to make important decisions about hair loss prevention and improvement of their existing condition. Members will answer questions as truthfully as they can and respect patients’ decisions, unless these decisions put the patient or others at risk of harm. If members cannot agree with their requests, they are required to explain why.

IX. The select member acknowledges that he/she is in a position to affect each patient’s appearance, self-confidence, and possibly the emotional, social, and professional success of the patient for his/her entire life. With every treatment, the emotional well-being of the patient will be considered as important as the outcome of the actual treatment itself. The lifelong effect of each treatment will be considered in light of potential continuing hair loss.

In my experience they are more like a hair transplant mill than a quality clinic. I was rushed through the whole procedure starting from the inadequate evaluation through the operation itself which (for the most part) was carried out by techs with minimal experience. I have reason to believe they are having 2-4 procedures a day seven days a week in two locations.

Aici gasiti toata dezbaterea http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/eve/181266-warning-if-considering-dr-hakan-doganay-read-first.html
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Re: AVERTISMENT!!! pt cei ce vor sa se opereze in Turcia!

Mesajde tzepesh » 04 Noi 2015 16:26

La un moment dat am fost obsedat de ideea unui transplant de par. Mi-am revenit. Dupa cativa ani au aparut si rezultatele rele, unul cate unul. Cititnd ce a scris acel user si parerile celorlalti, am observat ca mai tot timpul este acuzat pacientul mai putin medicul. Cred ca sunt multi alti fosti pacienti si de la alte clinici care nu sunt satisfacuti de rezultate dar nu impartasesc experiente tocmai din acest motiv.
Intri, iti spui of-ul si apoi sar pe tine userii ca de ce te-ai dus acolo, ca de fapt meriti acel rezultat mediocru. Tipul a explicat respectuos foarte bine cele intamplate, cu dovezi chiar si tot au existat carcotasi. de necrezut.
Aviz amatorilor de servicii turcesti!
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Re: AVERTISMENT!!! pt cei care vor sa se opereze in Turcia!

Mesajde yesman » 09 Noi 2015 09:28

Multumim de informatie, insa e un caz izolat. Si in State se poate ca un medic sa o dea in bara, dar nu apare topic pe forum, "Stati departe de clinicile din SUA".
Sunt si medici buni in Turcia, cu rezultate foarte bune, cu renume pe forumurile internationale. Vedetele noastre unde crezi ca au facut transplant de par.....in Turcia.
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Re: AVERTISMENT!!! pt cei care vor sa se opereze in Turcia!

Mesajde ionut » 09 Noi 2015 11:14

yesman scrie:Multumim de informatie, insa e un caz izolat.

Zici tu....
Sunt multe clinici din Turcia care isi dau corigenta in capul pacientilor gen Kulis Estetik, Jinemed, Clinica AHD si mai era o clinica, daca nu ma insel Transmed. Astea le stiu eu
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Re: AVERTISMENT!!! pt cei care vor sa se opereze in Turcia!

Mesajde belo » 09 Noi 2015 20:17

Mai,nu suport deloc mincinosii si te mai fac si nebun.... ce repede a vrut sa musamalizeze medicul cazul: si-a modificat site-ul, si-a trimis clonele la atac...
Multumim gibi30. e bine de stiut
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Re: AVERTISMENT!!! pt cei care vor sa se opereze in Turcia!

Mesajde gibi30 » 12 Noi 2015 17:34

yesman scrie:Multumim de informatie, insa e un caz izolat.

Am mai gasit un caz la Transmed la Dr. Melike Kulahci http://www.hairrestorationnetwork.com/e ... vival.html
Nu sunt cazuri izolate. Sunt si foarte multi romani care au fost nemultumiti de Kulis Estetic si sa nu uitam de Mihai Traistariu care a facut implantul de par la EsteWorld.
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Re: AVERTISMENT!!! pt cei care vor sa se opereze in Turcia!

Mesajde gibi30 » 23 Ian 2018 14:14

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